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Our School

Our school was built way back in 1975. It is in the Parish of Darndale/Belcamp.

There have been four principals here since then; Dónal ó Dochartaigh, Charles R. O’Connell and Caoimhín ó Meára. Mr. O’Meara was our principal from 1992 to 2010. Mr Derry Amphlett is now our principal.

Lots of our Mams and Dads came to this school too, and even our Grandparents came to the school.

The school has changed a lot since the 1970s. There used to be loads of people in the old classes. Now we have 19 to 26 in the class.

There’s been lots of teachers who worked in the school. We have 20 teachers now.

When people look at our school now compared to the old days they think it’s deadly now. We have interactive whiteboards and computers. We have a library and the PE hall. We do Art clubs, Sports, Music clubs, Homework clubs, Choir and afterschool clubs. We go on trips to DCU, the Concert Hall, the Dáil, the National Aquatic Centre, Northside Library, Darndale Park, Malahide Park – all over Dublin really.

Mr Derry Amphlett, our principal
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